THE LAST WORDS VOLUME III (1/12/2020-31/12/2020)

Tuesday 1st December 2020 

 A cold wanderer 
   in youth,
 through vital exploration,
 found the flaming,
 core of a planet,
 untouched in it’s preservation.
 As he turns back,
 he leaves behind footprints,
 that soften in the heat.


 Wednesday 2nd December 2020

 as I look 
 at the stars
   for the 
 last time,
 I realise
 they are
 of the 


 Thursday 3rd December 2020

 to question,
   to lose,
     to laugh
 I will not give,
 even though
 —I already have.
 my silence
 was perfect.


 Friday 4th December 2020

 an absolute shape 
 with no corruption,
 but only when 
 as bright as the 
           evening sun
 can clouds of misuse 


 Saturday 5th December 2020

 meaning has no 
 I declare myself beyond 
 the everyday
 —in a smiling void
 destitute with 


 Sunday 6th December 2020

 Hesitance in accepting, desire
 —a curse
 If only you could 
 accept the flow of 
     jagged form,
 and not use it to harm
 To not leave marks that 
 are only now 


 Monday 7th December 2020

 There is a slowness 
   to this,
 that I only just 
   became attached to.
 An underlying, 
   delicate grip,
 that plucks away the 


 Tuesday 8th December 2020

 I wish this were true,
 what I say,
 but it’s not,
 and it can’t be,
 until I can’t say,
 the absolute truth.


 Wednesday 9th December 2020

  to wait, wait, 
       and wait
 such a precursor
 to the main event
 which seems 
 but where the growth 
 that really matters
 is allowed to hide
 and wait,
         and wait


 Thursday 10th December 2020

 I’m glad
 I never gave up,
 but to act in 
    that way,
 surely its impossible.
 to be bound to the lies
 of an imposter,
   a sad face,
 conjured by meaningless symbols
 and bleak idols.


 Friday 11th December 2020

 I have deceived and
 to preserve a self
 that needs to be dragged,
 —spread unevenly
 into necessary depths
 to bathe 
 in reflective shadows


 Saturday 12th December 2020

 only in great 
 can hollow 


 Sunday 13th December 2020

 Mistakes are apparent only to those divided by outside forces.
 I lived a life no mistakes precisely because I made the outside, inside


 Monday 14th December 2020

 I am aware
 of what 
 and by casting 
 this spell,
 I have placed 
 into existence.


 Tuesday 15th December 2020

 now this is finished,
 a deep murk or fog,
 has vanished
 colours can
 fight and grow,
 and fresh music 
 can be heard


 Wednesday 16th December 2020

 voices close in on silent echo,
 radiate like mist between
 great ideas—
 and you,
 no longer strange,
 no longer part of

 and that’s simply, 


 Thursday 17th December 2020

 hands free from holding on,
   let go of a movement
     that cant stop,
       refuses to.
 and to let it go,
 a sacred bliss.


 Friday 18th December 2020

 Who cares,
 about far off achievements
 that scatter in dull 
 let them melt gloriously
 into nothing,
 and use that nothing 
 to form a second sun
 that shows the 


 Saturday 19th December 2020

 I exist between 
 the chaos of fact and 
 sculpted through 
 with hidden variables 
 imploding, as though 
 blaspheming divinity


 Sunday 20th December 2020

 Once I wrote a life script,
 I couldn't end
 —I tried
 as I felt there was
 to tell...
 hoped there was 


 Monday 21st December 2020

 my ancient architecture crumbles
 little white fragments,
 snow down
 to a supple earth
 indifferent and unhurried


 Tuesday 22nd December

 Resting on the shoulder of good fortune,
 I fall with a body of declining information.


 Wednesday 23rd December 2020

 My words have now left me,
 they are yours.
 Flying in a stillborn night,
 from me,
                to you...
 like scattered diamonds
 full of moonlight.


 Thursday 24th December 2020

 let me tell you,
 something that used
 to scare me:
 the hand that writes this,
 will not last


 Friday 25th December 2020

 Never, never, never,
   never, never...
 Waste your turn at
   the rivers of eternity.


 Saturday 26th December 2020

 You can hear it in the wind,
 An inaudible temper,
 Throttling the silence,
 Born in weak mind—
 Fragile and insignificant.


 Sunday 27th December 2020

 what is replaced,
 in this great carving 
 of chained moments
 when the patterns untangle,
 and something afraid
 to be touched 
 by description
 is relieved


 Monday 28th December 2020

 Take away these 
 voids of unease,
 Take away this 
 chalice of accumulated 
 Take away all
 the courage,
 I have my words.


 Tuesday 29th December 2020

 when shallow roads,
 that lead to a stately future,
 are parched 
 with strength, only
 then does 
     truly sing


 Wednesday 30th December 2020

 descending from superior spaces
 a kind of dense, mammalian light
 the great writer knows...
 just as one standing
 at the end,


 Thursday 31st December 2020

 a plump 
 has been 
 ready to 
 be unfolded 
 with a
 gesture of 

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