THE LAST WORDS VOLUME II (9/11/2020-30/11/2020)

Monday 9th November 2020

 A damage that spreads
 with no control
 and no time to
 This is it.
 No place to hide.
 Exchange perception for glory.


 Tuesday 10th November 2020

 I have lost a great gift
 and in doing so,
 have taken away the
                  that holds form


 Wednesday 11th November 2020

 Everything is gone.
 Now is the time, 
 to skip formalities 
 introduce my true self.
 I am he who accumulated too much and gave 
 With these words, I give you my finality.


 Thursday 12th November 2020

 the hunt 
 for perfect absence 
 is to miss out
 on what 
 was always


 Friday 13th November 2020

 My eyes have been hardened by the profane.
 In each globe, a monument of the sacred is lost to time.
 But through symbols can be reborn.


 Saturday 14th November 2020

 There was so much 
 to this life.
 I fell into a 
 trap and only now 
 do I decide the outcome.
 The next stage begins with newfound joy.


 Sunday 15th November 2020

 As as rain drop leaves the sky,
 And heads to its designated resting place,
 I think of words I cannot possibly form.
 Only in disappearing can they become luminous.


 Monday 16th November 2020

 Given heavy flame by irresponsible titan,
 I watched it flicker wildly—
 kept it within
 But if I let it take the lives of 
 instead of scorching myself,
 would I have done less damage?


 Tuesday 17th November 2020

 like a world made of 
 this denial 
 of every pieces trajectory
 is humorous 


 Wednesday 18th November 2020

 Every footstep succeeded in a meaningful momentum that in itself was blinding.
 This power is simple and yet complex in how it hides from us. 


 Thursday 19th November 2020

 such a deluge of motion
 hinders the progress 
 of what we will 
 In doing this voyage, 
 I created a soul that will live on.


 Friday 20th November 2020

 Was this stolen?
 I sometimes felt it was
 That I took another’s prize 
 But maybe I borrowed it
 And if I give it back
 We will both be happy


 Saturday 21st November 2020

 why was I afraid to have faith
 —it’s all there is, 
 the only light
 I was master of avoiding
 it’s rays,
 only to polish the emptiness 


 Sunday 22nd November 2020

 I look around and see so much
 and I wonder why 
 why am I only now able to see,
 to see it all
 in the last cleanse of


 Monday 23rd November 2020

 I sit in the same place,
 But now, right now,
 It’s different.
 Galaxies and stars form behind me,
 Released from the cage my skin became.


 Tuesday 24th November 2020

 Distant signs rumble in 
 the peak of silence —
 the moon purrs and 
 I suddenly don’t mind.
 It was allowed to exist
 in whatever way it wanted
 and that is 


 Wednesday 25th November 2020

 we wanted change
 and we didn’t want
 a conundrum
 to ponder
 in an evening 
 of company


 Thursday 26th November 2020

 I extend my orbit
 to go a little 
 and in doing so,
 dare to dream
 to reach an unnamable part
 of me
 and rest
 with no allusions 
 of who I am.


 Friday 27th November 2020

 the planet stirs—
 agitated and restless.
 but I cannot continue our alliance
 I’ve grown too much
 and need

 Saturday 28th November 2020

  Time is  not wasted, 
 I can trace my fingers over every moment,
 And nothing feels   out  of   place.
 It all feels  large  yet
 And no less  pleasant.


 Sunday 29th November 2020

 A comfortable end
 —a privilege
 To have a universe shaped by experience,
 And to watch that experience
                                                 drift away
 In the solitude of a quiet night.


 Monday 30th November 2020

 I bled
 and bred the bleak
 took what could’ve been the 
 that lit a new solar system
   and hid it
     from a world
       so in need of light
 But, as I reduce
 the faint glimmer 
 of a firefly 
 can be seen where
 my shadow touched
 the ground

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