THE LAST WORDS VOLUME I (8/10/2020-8/11/2020)

Thursday 8th October 2020

 Creation gave me flames, 
 that lit the pit of despair, 
 and wrapped the silence, 
 in the golden coat of a lion.
 Happiness was always eternal.


 Friday 9th October 2020

 Abundant joy,
 flows in me like a firework,
 that seeps into the past.
A shining light, 
 that brightens memories,
 turns them into stars.


 Saturday 10th October 2020

 A kaleidoscope of warmth encircles me in its fourfold embrace.
 I exhale a momentous final breath that rises up and joins the clouds.


 Sunday 11th October 2020

 Birth and Death, two great titans locked in dance.
 Who am I to get involved in what they do.
 I pass from one titan to the next.


 Monday 12th October 2020

 I understand,
 that everything which passed me, 
 across the landscape of my life,
 was simply a part of me.
 I gave definitions to mirror images.


 Tuesday 13th October 2020

 Controlled by the lowest point,
 I sunk into a fugue,
 and refused to find an exit.
 But, it was worth it,
 to find the light of being,


 Wednesday 14th October 2020

 I hope the next time I go around,
 my eyes see the beauty I was blinded by.
 Only now can I feel it.
 Only now.


 Thursday 15th October 2020

 the surface has eroded and I stand alone in my dignity
 there was a time when my fears were a black dog pulling me forward
 I am free


 Friday 16th October 2020

 Wishes, like shooting stars,
 float by the form I used to inhabit.
 I chose to watch them and take no action.
 As I disperse, I regret.


 Saturday 17th October 2020

 I shed more than I should have,
 but in the final fade-out,
 should I have let go of everything?
 Was there any more to let go of,
 or was it illusory?


 Sunday 18th October 2020

 Chaos sinks into swelling of black night.
 I’ve done all I had to do and when the night comes for me,
 My chaos will be ordered.


 Monday 19th October 2020

 Sometimes I saw a unity, above and below.
 I felt its pain in the feet that carried me forward.
 And the head that looked back.


 Tuesday 20th October 2020

 I sink into the air
 like a dust
 that glows a cosmic melody
 my sound
 alive with faint memories
 of far off distance
 slow and subtle


 Wednesday 21st October 2020

 When I’m truly gone,
 my shadow will linger.
 It will visit all the places,
 I was too afraid to go.
 If you see it, 
 pay it no attention.


 Thursday 22nd October 2020

 Like a floating bubble,
 in a sea of sinking memories,
 wings take me to the surface.
 I ascend with no chains.


 Friday 23rd October 2020

 My gift was to cherish the colours only I could see
 There were times when I was colour blind
 But I persevered
 Now the colours multiply


 Saturday 24th October 2020

 this was never the truth
 only a minuscule moment of truth
 I expanded


 Sunday 25th October 2020

 I’ve never sung before
 never shared my singing voice
 but as it’s my time
 it pours out of 


 Monday 26th October 2020

 The invisible line I follow,
 runs out of ink soon
 as it fades, 
 I can see,
 artefacts of misplaced love,
 and unseen foundation.


 Tuesday 27th October 2020

 Shackles of the another world,
 relinquish their 
 Agony of imagination,
 a cosmic farce.
 I stretch out my body into eternity.


 Wednesday 28th October 2020

 mistakes I cut into soft flesh,
 people who never deserved it.
 in the final moments,
 it was team work that led to the stillness I sought.


 Thursday 29th October 2020

 What is this
 I was so fond of
 Why do I cling to a rock
 weighed down by 
 Change is giving to
 what gravity never could


 Friday 30th October 2020

 I was a piece on a board, for someone else’s game.
 No matter what I did, it was all that could’ve happened.
 There was no winning or loosing, as now I can see every move.


 Saturday 31st October 2020

 Is it ok to regret a life you’ve never had?
 In this state of transformation,
 I am pleased
 That I never got what I desired,
 As it was all I could do.


 Sunday 1st November 2020

 the last walk on solid ground
 it takes me a long time to
 now that I can see the exact moment
 I want this walk to never


 Monday 2nd November 2020

 A universe never dies.
 It morphs into something else,
 just like me.
 The tears I’m holding back,
 tell me a truth,
 I’m too afraid to understand.


 Tuesday 3rd November 2020

 You can change the world.
 Rid yourself of the ghosts holding you in place.
 But maybe, they only let go because they felt a diminishing transience. 
 Off to some other poor fool, to teach them how to live.


 Wednesday 4th November 2020

 my silence breaks out of this 
 and when it reaches the furthest part of space
 it will become a sun that 
 gives light
 as my body returns to the shadows


 Thursday 5th November 2020

 A laughing star crosses my path off the planet.
 To not give all that I had was a choice.
 Right and wrong no longer exist.


 Friday 6th November 

 I never found a way to get off this vehicle.
 As it heads to a possible ending,
 I begin to value the decisions I never made.


 Saturday 7th November

 Comets of flame strike a sky
 where colour fades to black
 I can see past my memories 
 into an abyss of light


 Sunday 8th November 2020

 Only now can I understand the 
 location of pain in a universe
 I project what I will become
 outside of fragmentary instances.

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