Curve Blog – Valentines Day

(Originally seen on the Discover Curve blog but now posted on my personal blog as Discover Curve has been restructured and older content lost.)

Unknown Pleasures: 5 Offbeat Valentine’s Day Date Ideas To Get Your Heart Pumping​.

Valentine’s Day is near. You’re going on a date. You need to impress. It’s a fact right? Everyone’s going to be making reservations for that fancy french restaurant. But you? You’re different. You’re going to impress your date with something unusual. Something offbeat.

Make it a Valentine’s Day to remember and indulge in some new experiences with our list of heart pumping London dining destinations. Want to impress your date even more? Let your glorious Curve card do the talking with a ton of brilliant benefits. But wait. You want to go further—it is Valentine’s Day after all. Why not spoil your loved one by gifting them a luxurious Curve Metal, an exquisitely crafted, 18g metal masterpiece, and really show how much you care.

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Medieval Banquet.

Who needs fancy dining in a Michelin star restaurant when you could have a good old fashioned meal!? A four-course banquet with live entertainment and a range of costumes for you to hire (town drunk anyone?) located at Ivory House (no poachers allowed). If dressing up like an armour-clad lunatic isn’t your thing, just brandish your Curve card as your costume as it offers way more protection. Combining multiple cards means that Curve can act like a firewall for your cards. And with Curve’s robust Curve Customer Protection you’ll be (metaphorically) bulletproof.

Supperclub Tube.

If the splendid sanitation conditions of the London Tube don’t make you want to take a cheese grater to your skin to cleanse yourself, then why not consider dining in one? Supperclub Tube is a repurposed 1967 Victoria Line train located in Walthamstow Pumphouse Museum where you’ll receive a four-course meal marinated in sweet South American vibes.


Have you ever wanted to chew a chunk of crocodile? How about peck at some python? Or maybe grazing on a zebra is more your thing? Welcome to Archipelago, an exotic eatery in Fitzrovia that will make you want to grab a suitcase and explore the world. If you do end up being bitten by the travel bug and somehow find yourself in Serbia, remember to take advantage of the absurd travel benefits a Curve card gives you. Insanely cheap exchange rates and ATM withdrawals abroad and AXA Travel Insurance (for Curve Black and Curve Metal cardholders) makes Curve the best travel buddy you’ll ever need.

Circus London.

Head to Covent Garden if you want to be dazzled by the eccentric vibes of Circus London— a cocktail bar, cabaret restaurant and all the tabletop entertainment you can shake a possibly-drunk contortionist at. The menu is a delicious pan-Asian type affair— meaning you’ll be able to devour delights from across Asia like prawn & truffle gyoza and teriyaki salmon.

Bunga Bunga.

An Italian sharing feast complete with a metre-long pizza, an extensive drinks menu, late night karaoke and live entertainment? Welcome to Bunga Bunga, named after a certain Italian politicians debaucherous parties… which sounds like the type of place you’d want to go back in time from and undo any questionable decisions you might’ve made. Luckily for you, with your Curve card you can! Made a purchase and accidentally used the wrong card? Go Back in Time and change it to the right card. Unfortunately, Curve’s time machine isn’t strong enough to go back in time to stop the awful recent string of Terminator sequels though.

As you can see, a date on Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be the same old story. Deviation from the norm can deliver new and exciting experiences. With your Curve card by your side, you’ll be ready to impress and ready to receive a host of first-class results.

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