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(Originally seen on the Discover Curve blog but now posted on my personal blog as Discover Curve has been restructured and older content lost.)

Unknown Pleasures: 5 Immersive Experiences To Take Your Senses To New Heights​.

Why see, hear, taste, smell and feel the same old stuff you’re used to? It’s time to take all your senses to unbelievable new heights with these 5 incredible immersive experiences.

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Hearing – Pitchblack Playback.

Imagine hearing your favourite album for the first time even though you’ve listened to it a million times before. Welcome to Pitchblack Playback. A high-tech cinema sound system is used in conjunction with a low-tech blindfold to help drench your ears in a delicious deluge of sound waves. Hear the likes of Joy Division, Kendrick Lamar, Patti Smith and Tyler the Creator with a mix of classic or upcoming albums. Just make sure you eye-up anyone who could potentially fall asleep during the show and avoid sitting next to them at all costs, unless you want a limited edition ‘snore’ remix of your favourite song.

Taste – Taste Film.

Sick of stale popcorn? Tired of rubbery hotdogs and nachos that look like someone regurgitated their breakfast? Well it’s time to dial ‘F’ for Food and truly experience cinema. Taste Film offers a timed menu designed specifically for the film you see with either literal dishes from the film or something inspired to evoke a mood—Sweeney Todd anyone? Truly, Taste Film gives meaning to the phrase a feast for the eyes.

Sight – Dora Maar Exhibition.

The original weeping woman, Dora Maar was the French poet, photographer and painter known for her experimental works. Head to the Tate Modern to experience her diverse work ranging from her fashion photography all the way to her abstract Camera-less photography. If you find the surreality of the situation is getting too much, why not wind down in a quiet, introspective speakeasy to calm the nerves?

Smell – Jeff Wayne’s The War of the Worlds: The Immersive

Ever wanted to smell the burning flesh of a human being lasered by a martian? Well you’re in luck as Jeff Wayne’s The War of the Worlds: The Immersive Experience was made for you. Not just sniffable delights, this immersive show includes VR, AR and other impressive tech to soak your senses. So experience the thrill of HG Wells classic tale of alien invasion the way he truly desired… with a 20 minute intermission halfway through for drinks at the Red Weed Bar!

Touch – Unforbidden Supper Club.

Unforbidden Supper Club isn’t what you think it is—well, unless you think it’s a sensual experience for open minded individuals to explore themselves and enjoy a high quality three course meal. A Japanese inspired hotel full of immersive performance, interactive narratives and ahem… multi-sensory experiences. Receive your check-in confirmation email, head to the luxury location in Shoreditch and enjoy the rooftop hot tub.

Surely you’ve come to your senses and uncovered some great immersive experiences to enhance your everyday life? With your Curve card by your side you can also enjoy the unparalleled benefits of our simplified, secure and rewarding spending experience.

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