Curve Blog – Halloween

(Originally seen on the Discover Curve blog but now posted on my personal blog as Discover Curve has been restructured and older content lost.)

The 6(66) Spookiest Events To Experience This Halloween​.

Halloween in October. Undoubtedly the most spine-chilling time of the year… that isn’t related to anything political. It’s a time of ghouls and ghosts (aren’t these the same thing?) skeletons and vampires and other such creepy entities designed to make your heart skip. The only thing not scary about Halloween is your ever faithful Curve card and the awesome benefits it bestows upon you.

Want to simplify your money? Killer… FX rates? Frighteningly fast real-time alerts? If you upgrade to get an elite Curve Metal card you even get three delightfully devilish colours to choose from: ‘Rotten’ Rose Gold, ‘Bludgeoning’ Blue Steel and Limited Edition ‘Blood’ Red.

Forget debating whether The Nightmare Before Christmas is a Halloween or Christmas film (It’s a Christmas film) and instead get into the spirit of things with our look at some seriously spooktacular experiences to indulge in this Halloween across the UK.

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Manchester – Twisted Circus Halloween Festival.

If the thought of seeing the Joker or Pennywise in real life makes your skin crawl, you might want to avoid this bloodcurdling circus that’s been running for the past 5 years. Sadly no matter how twisted this will be, it can’t possibly be as truly horrifying as the Cirque du Soleil.

London – The Halloween Raveyard.

This is one secret you won’t carry to the rave—I mean grave. Located in The Vaults Theatre, a venue based in an abandoned railway section under Waterloo, The Halloween Raveyard will be full of bloody bands, deranged DJ’s and creepy cabaret.

Liverpool – Trapped in Wonderland Halloween Experience.

Make sure you don’t get Caroll’d away with the Trapped in Wonderland Halloween Experience. A haunted fairytale with a welcome cocktail reception, varied musical genres and a makeup station. There’s also candy floss if you wish to go down the rabbit hole of bad dental hygiene.

Birmingham – Halloween Silent Movie Special.

Experience the classic 1923 silent movie The Hunchback of Notre Dame at the Birmingham Town Hall. The film will be accompanied by the unnerving raw power of a live organ and with any luck, watching it will make you repent your bad posture sins.

Edinburgh – Samhuinn Fire Festival.

The Samhuinn Fire Festival is the perfect place for those of you who lack central heating to grab a night of warmth. It’s also a great place to enjoy some immersive storytelling about the Celtic New Year where you can explore an array of supernatural creatures. Hosted by the Beltane Fire Society, which we can assume are the only people in the world to get excited when a fire alarm goes off.

Bristol – Pulp Fiction vs. Fear & Loathing: Halloween Special.

Nothing is stranger than Pulp Fiction and Fear and Loathing coming together in a psychedelic clash that would make Hunter S Thompson faint. For all you decadent and depraved who want to be drenched in the demented sounds of acid, DnB, disco, house and jungle—just make sure you grab a Royale With Cheese before the fun begins.

Hopefully with our list you’ll leave your old haunts behind and find somewhere new to explore this Halloween. Take a stab (not literally) at using your Curve card and reaping the unparalleled benefits of our personalised, secure and rewarding experience. Download Curve to get started.

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