Sometimes we feel homesick for places we haven’t physically been to, with the Moon being the most significant example. Most dreams are geographically located on the Moon so it’s not an uncommon feeling to miss the moonlit shadows of the Lunar landscape.


First make a necklace of Moons by getting some green and black grapes and cut them in half. Use thread or a thin rope to thread the Moons together, one side green, the other black and create 28 Moons on your necklace.

Secondly an incantation must be prepared. To speak the language of the Moon one must abandon logic and open a random book at a random page and note down the first word they see. Do this seven times with random books to create your incantation.

Finally on a day that shares the same date as your birthday, go for a walk first thing in the morning after waking up. You must abandon the concept of time and walk aimlessly. If you come across a cat on your walk, then return home after bowing in appreciation to the cat. If you don’t see a cat and you feel the need to return home, then try again the next month.

On the Moonrise head to the highest possible place of where you live wearing the necklace of Moons. Repeat your incantation as you focus on undoing the gravitational field holding you on Earth. Once you begin to float, follow your instincts straight to the Moon.

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