The challenge of the Tower was no match for Blue. In a bid for revenge the Tower somehow managed to perform one last act of villainy before it reached its eternal use-by date.

It tore open a portal in Blue’s shadow, pulling poor Blue into the mystical realm of the Sea-Eagle—the tyrannical yet somewhat laidback dunce king.

The Sea-Eagle smelt Blue’s musky allure instantly and lets just say, it liked what it smelt. It gathered and sent its crowned minions, seated in their infernal chair-wheels to fetch ol’ Blue and see what tasty-delicious prize this bewildering stench offered.

After witnessing the abnormal spectacle of an army of chair-wheeled clad cronies heading in its general direction, Blue started to feel feverishly fervid. What a sight to behold Blue thought as the closer they got, the crowns on these minions shimmered in the ethereal light of this mystical land. It was a river of star-shine floating above the ground, ebbing and flowing in an ineffable dance.

Somehow this spectacle of beauty only assisted in reminding Blue that the last time a toilet was used, happened to be a long way before starting the Tower’s challenge. What was poor Blue to do? No toilet was in sight and the army was reaching ever closer.

Like trying to find an unused pizza in a dangerous kitchen, Blue desperately searched for an answer to this predicament, when suddenly Blue realised what had to be done.

Blue prayed. Not to God, or some sort of Übermensch, but to the holy writer—the writer who was currently writing this very ending. Blue breached not just space-time, but the fabric of all reality, asking the writer to end this miserable situation. Luckily for Blue, the writer is incredibly lazy and thus was happy to end the story, as he couldn’t be bothered to work out an ending. 

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