Dreaming of rough spider sex in evening tar
—masturbation rot in minds genitalia
black pod viscera discharge

pulsating madness—

Octopus penis head tentacles draped 
around tower
head split open by
Lightning bolt from solar cyanide

purple brain tissues 
spongy texture leaking black-light acid

Horned God up to no good
down from land 
invoke necromantic nihilism 
invokes mollusc time shortening—

Octopus pleasure centres vibrate darkness
with nothing inside, surface ecstatic all over

spider legs sink into soft flesh like butter
cloud ritual and god particles trickling into obscenity.

Nearly time to invoke the
God hovis


And brain exposes fingertips, undulating outward
skin black as genocide of stars
back turned—eternal shunning 
crawling with blind lice, stale moments sink

consciousness stolen— 

given to limited protoplasm
Hovis appears in rainwater vision
breathing, engraved by ignoble minds

Crucifixion of spider martyr, 
—slithering Silver star above
body draped in net of sin

Destroyer of Rhythm—lashes out

reaches for Sol 
past cosmic filth
—In the name of Hovis


At the beginning
crying Copulation in the insect horror machine 
gave heavy deranged birth 
—gushing tide of grey cockroach bile—
to eventual etching and form

lives distraught 
hard Purple flesh tightens around twin moon
erection of Eight symbols 
—It’s born again

In madness of repressed world
be invoked by rapture—

reduce peddlers of Bronze to
orifice of Distant new age

to decree a murderer of monotheism 
to polish emptiness
in soaking of crystal taboo 

the God Hovis—
Invoked in raw flesh.

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