We’ve delved into toothpaste and why it’s an evil so ingrained in societies fabric, that we can’t possibly fight it previously, but now we’d like to bring to your attention something else. Something maybe worse.

Personal hygiene is not real!

(Image of hygiene products with a no entry circle over them)

You need to get the idea of it out of your head immediately if you want to stand a chance at surviving in this world! The establishment spends millions of hard-earned tax dollars a year on propagating this myth. Why is this? Think about it! Why would they need to spend money—that much money—on new deodorants, moisturisers, grooming items and other trivial commodities!? It’s a lie! This is just a distortion of reality! They want you too think that hygiene is real, not so you spend your money on their toothpaste and face-creams and shower gels—no! It’s even worse than that! They want to keep us—Warriors of Higher Truth—down at the bottom. 

(Hierarchy image of beautiful people and then Warriors of Higher Truth at the bottom, the beautiful people in the sky with clouds)

By creating this hierarchy of beautiful people who look after themselves and are perfect in every way, they make us look and smell worse than the average person! They use these advertisements to reflect anti-values into your pineal gland and make you physically weaker! As Warriors of Higher Truth, you need to keep your glands unpasteurised by their ESP medium discord! 

Well let me tell you something important. Something these people will do anything to stop you knowing. Smelling good is just a lie created by a group of high status feminists that were planted in top positions in world class organisations. They don’t want you to now that bad smell is the key in keeping your soul-aura protected! To be a Warrior of Higher Truth means heaving the largest of soul-auras! Do not claim to be one of us if your soul-aura is dispersed by a brand of deodorant that ‘smells nice’ or is used to attract the opposite sex. 

(Soul aura image of a guy with divine stink lines )

The soul-aura is the secret they don’t want you to know about. It’s the reason the feminists are rising up against us in modern times. They want to feminise the world and reduce us to nothing! That’s the only way they can win the war! They want you to have a fresh breath. They want you to smell nice. They want you to have neatly-cut, filed nails and gelled hair and necks lacking a beard! Don’t give in to their demands! The only way to combat them is to let your soul-aura shine! Make it shine brighter than the Sun! Smell so bad that no one will want to come near you! Throw away the concept of personal hygiene. The most despicable myth ever devised.

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