De Mambo released in July 2017 for Nintendo Switch. I co-directed the game and was involved in art direction, level design, games design, concept art, sound effects, background art and all the writing pertaining to in-game and marketing. Here is the launch trailer to familiarise yourself with the game – https://youtu.be/0RxRKHqozJE

De Mambo Single-Player Level Design – https://youtu.be/hr64sy2TvSo

De Mambo Multiplayer Level Design – https://youtu.be/v4XNFYntQx8

De Mambo writing/copywriting (click on The Dangerous Kitchen) – https://pin.it/6i9lqT4

De Mambo concept art – https://pin.it/310CSHp

Eurogamer article about The Dangerous Kitchen and De Mambo – https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2017-06-26-meet-the-developer-making-a-switch-game-in-a-hounslow-costa-coffee

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