There are today throughout the world a group of people working in a way which is truly unique in the history of the world. Their way is a system which separates the makers from the unmakers, the assemblers from the the disassemblers, the constructors from the destructors. These people are destroyers, materialists and sensualists dealing with the process directly. These people are EOTW and do not pretend to play God’s happy game of creation; on the contrary, theirs is a pervading response to the will to end. It is not the trauma of birth which concerns EOTW. They understand that there is no need for magic in living. It is one’s sense of end which needs the life-giving nourishment of transcendental ritual.

We who use the process of EOTW understand above all the desperate need to retain unconscious integrity. We point to ourselves and confess, shouting the revelation, that anger and anguish which hide behind the quiet face is in service of the end, an end which is more than spiritual. 

That which is made shall be unmade, that which is is assembled shall be disassembled, that which is constructed shall be destructed. 

EOTW promises to end the world. Join us and donate to our cause. Show the world you’re ready to take action. Enlist others. The more we raise, the quicker we can achieve this goal.

Our sense of destruction will no longer be turned inward in fear. We shall next meet in the place where there is no light.

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