#AimForTheStars was a gamejam game where ‘downgrades only’ was the theme. Our team decided to go down the route of a social downgrade where you play as an influencer who does bad things and loses followers. It was super fun to write all the various bits for the game especially since we only had a weekend to think up/make the game.


The Secret Life of Drug Dealers

Detective Pikachu 2: Who Killed Pikachu’s Best Friend Three Days Before Retirement?

Fear and Loathing in Disneyland  

John Candlewick: Time’s Running Out

Transformers 24: Michael Bay’s Corpse Explodes on Camera

The Fast and the Furious Sequel That No One Asked For But You Will Spend Your Money On Anyway

Marvel’s Newest Superhero Movie That Is Blander Than Gruel And As Exciting As Loosing Brain Cells

The Newest Terminator Movie That Doesn’t Exist Because There Are Only Two Terminator Movies

Ken Loach Directs A Homeless Man Sleeping on the Street To Make A Point That No One Seems To Understand Except Him

Champagne Bar

Wine-Oh – Wine that’ll make you say “Oh” when you taste how good it is.

Champain – Not for the faint of heart.

Cosmic Bile – Raspberry liquor, pineapple and toilet cleaner

Cat’s Kiss – Vodka, orange juice and used cat litter 

Alessandrowzy – A 200ml dose of cough syrup and a punch to the face.

Satu’s Ark – Two of every liquor.

Deranged Dovetail – Matcha powder, apple cider and a bird of your choice pealed off a road after it’s been run over by what seems to be a large vehicle.

The Dangerous Catchen (Fast Food Restaurant)

Cat Burger – Delicious slab of meat catwiched Between some bread.

Cat Pizza – Pepperoni pizza sprinkled with real cat whiskers for that authentic Dangerous Catchen flavour you all know and love.

Cat Fried Chicken – Made with 51 herbs and spices and some opium to keep you coming back!

Cat Fries – Potatoes cut by a bunch of feral cats into barely legible ‘frie’ shapes.

La Fan Sée (Posh Restaurant)

French Onion Soup – You. Will. Cry.

Beef Bourguignon – Several cows died for you to enjoy this very expensive dish. Order more than one to make it up to them.

Expensive French Wine – Drunk you will become.

Dodgy Night Club

Drink 16 beers and start a fight with everyone in the club including yourself and your imaginary friend Bobby.

Use the dance floor as a makeshift toilet and watch as unsuspecting people slip up.

Take some kind of powdery substance in the toilet and watch your life transform into a euphoric blur which wont last and the come down may induce something worse than having purple fungoid gills.

Friends House

Have a few drinks, level up to some hard liquor and finish off with some horse tranquillisers as the not-so-tranquil cherry on top.

Engage in cyber bullying someone from your pre-school to make them attempt to commit suicide.

Play some online multiplayer games where an angry American child insults your mother, your father and your unborn children in equal measure.


Do drugs, preferably one that involves a syringe.

Record a hobo urinating in peace and put the video on instagram to make their life even worse.

Mug an old lady and laugh at her when she tries to plea with you.

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