De Mambo Solo Ending 1

After scaling the labyrinth of the Tower Monster, guided by a strange inner yearning or an alien desire, Red reaches the apex point—a place where all time is lost.

And it all comes back to Red. That moment at the shoreline, the after-image flow where the sky and sea became tangled in grey noise. The five spherical treasures Red found buried in the sand. How could Red forget? The first one, its movement hazy, as it morphed into a head. A long, skeletal formation of sickly grey colours, almost translucent skin revealing what seemed like a whole universe within. The decaying lips separated and spoke.

“Plrehis: Tuvrabg ihprofvutn. Deryree tsrg fner teoprkig. Tcscothnre ia msulgh ihimesi, agh ttse rulfhe ffotircos. Clodu ke, tsll gyon tlta ofm.”

Red was mesmerised with what seemed like reflective silver pouring and rippling with each uncanny word the head spoke, yet it was the spaces in-between the words that were truly captivating. Each one a shrinking jewel imploding in silence.

Red finally understood. All the lost secrets that were trapped inside, suddenly, it all made sense—actually no it didn’t, as Red just sits there for eternity lost in a train of thought not conducive for actually getting anything done.

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