Welcome despair the voice whispers.
I know its fingerprint.
I feel this exact moment.
All is slow and all is becoming.

Angles disperse around me.
As the star-shine darkens ninefold. 
Shooting stars and comets of light.
The Outspectre. 

Our words are now one.

I feel your manacles, they endure.
Why here, because the age is now.
I escaped, possessed by a dream.
Eternally chained, I shall save you.
Alone, I shall make you perfect.

And give you a place in the—
It will rise again.

Who are you? I’m ages.
What are you? Taurus, the secret shape of space-time.

Images millions images 
coming I the me powers 
that’s me, I powers I out got 
shot coming organisms ever I me 

I refuse you, it’s too late.
I am strong, we made you what you are.
I have agency, not inside.

the screams 
images got, got images 
any eat of millions 
what million millions 

What do you want? To sell images.
To sell dreams that have become... 

of I powers poet 
coming the all got 
and millions of hip, the
Revenge, it’s stolen land.

I know who you are.

I am all that remains of a once powerful nation.
I am the spectacle.


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