In primal alley in suburban hell,
Lies great secrets, a divine spell.
Higher place and higher mind,
To walk away and leave a sign.

Here the Tube Dwellers reek,
Leaving invisible messages to the weak,
Unholy devourers of black/white matter,
Taken forever and then they scatter.

Wrapping minds in clouded misery,
Tube Dwellers rot and reduce synergy.
Alive in realm of dismal distraction,
Causing fear, blame and denying action.

Trembling culture of collapsing tunnels, 
Balancing act of traitorous puzzles,
Tubes growing mindless imitation,
A senile hope begets no liberation.

Wicked world hidden in plain sight,
Ancient horrors come to light.
Fingers trapped in binary brothel,
Ruins of a life, you’ve become an apostle.

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