It’s time.

The search must continue.
I must go forth. 
And see what lies beyond the overcast sky.

A stream of madness.
Makes itself known within me.
An undercurrent.
It shifts and wanders aimlessly.
Like a reflection of...

After the first world ended.
By a wave of the Spectacle’s cataclysmic hand.
A new one.
This colourful mass of day-glo ephemera.
Foams up around the corpse of the ancient world.
Pulling me in. 

I will search for meaning.
In blind existence.
But... will I find it?
Will I find anything?
Is the force of decay too far gone?

I sense a malicious presence up ahead.  
An angular prison.
Forces of contradiction.
Held together by bleak whispers.

Are these vibrations.
Something long gone.
A former life?
They seem like they are..
Are everything.

It’s time.

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