Messenger of black planet,
Watches world from position unknown.
High above, outside
Planet Watcher Aneno
With eyes that cannot to be glimpsed
Body of otherworldly fungal matter,
Writhing terror, dark shapes.

Produces spores of madness,
A vile cosmic photosynthesis. 
Converts darkness of space into agent of horror
Sends spores to grow into degrading human emotion.

Birthing to confine,
Bathes planet in shrieks of Bradley-Martin.
Satellite of grotesque matter encircles Aneno.
Vulnerable spikes protruding black planets energy
Ancient bacteria trickles bad blood. 

Light of stars refract through Aneno’s crystal shell,
Bouncing off into far corners.
Strange visions picked up by those with minds capable of receiving them,
Fear of black planet circulates somnium.
Clouds of mess, tentacle slime uproar.

Aneno’s sharp daggers, 
Black memories concealed by gravitational misery.
Hidden facet of world, 
Arrows of adversity.
Ancient cave painting of the diseased mind
Aneno, watching.

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