You’ve become a Word. You’re supposed to be a World. But you’ve been reduced to a collection of symbols, arranged in dull fashion to spell out mediocrity. Your life is grey. You think your institutionalised experiences and the fake realities of N*tfl*x can save you.

An ersatz soul with a W*ikip*dia entry for a brain, you interact with others using an impotent tongue spreading stillborn opinions. Everyone you speak to is the same. A copy of a copy. Repetitions of a cursed family repeating the same mistakes again and again. Your spirit screams in agony yet you’re too entrenched in a mangled mass of a multitude of media to take note.

There is no love in this World anymore—only L*ve Island.

The space we imagine is in our heads has become the graveyard for creativity. A bleak inner landscape governed by invisible Word controllers. 

Welcome to the apocalypse of thought.

Algorithms are the black magic of the 21st Century, unseen fingers caressing your life, pushing you into banal experiences that dim all your colour, and attached to the hands of some unnameable monstrosity.

The tides of last century receding back into hell, taking us with it. We’re heading to the end. Not the End Of The World. No, the World will never end. We’re heading to the End Of The Word.

‘The World is singular’ is a fallacy. There is not one World, but countless Worlds. You are not a Word. You are not a collection of letters assembled into a label. Your accomplishments, your goals, your imagination have been reduced to Words. All your meaning, scrambled. Rearranged by forces that don’t understand you. Don’t get you. You’re not one arrangement. You’re infinite possibilities. 

Words are tools that have taken over and become the user. Worlds are multi-dimensional. They are overlapping. Everywhere. You are a World. Everyone you meet is a World. Bad communication is the collision of Words. Good communication is two or more Worlds harmonising. Becoming beautiful. Words are not beauty. They can become beautiful when they transfer into a World cultivated to grow beauty, but they are not it.

Kill all Words. Live in your own World. Reject their World. 

Live however you want. Interfere not with others. 

Permit yourself no truth.



Shem Shelley

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